About Yorcc

This is the page where you’ll find all the key information about the club and how we race. Be sure you read to the bottom.

We meet every Saturday evening during term time at Huntington School in York, racing in the main school gym on a mixture of carpet and the gym floor. Recommended tyres are Schumacher yellow compound.

The Basics First.

Club membership and race-night fees can be found here.

Our Drivers’ Briefing Rules can be read here or downloaded as a .pdf: Yorcc Rules of Racing

Racing Classes.

Buggies in General: All buggies are 1/10th electric racing buggies. We are often asked if other styles can compete (eg rock racers) but these are not suitable, particularly on a points night. But feel free to ask via the Facebook page.

2WD Club Class  This is aimed at newer / younger driver, as well as those who want a slower and simpler racing pace (though the lap times are often close to some Modified racers). 

Cars run only sealed-can 540 brushed motors of 20 turns or more (eg HPI Saturns) or 17.5t brushless motors with speedos running in “Blinky” mode i.e. no timing advance or power boosts. NOTE: Due to a lack of demand, we no longer run a 4WD Club Class.

2wd Modified. No turn limit. 

4wd Modified. No turn limit.

All classes use 2s Lipo or Nimh drive packs. 3s Lipo are not allowed. All on-site charging must be done with a Lipo sack (BRCA rules).

Times and Other Stuff

On Saturdays, doors open at 5.00pm for track building (please help) and registration. Racing tends to get underway at 6.30pm. The evening consists of a series of heats and then finals for each class. The last race of the night ends around 10pm but drivers then stay behind to help pack away. Remember, we’re a club not a race-and-go venue.

After each heat, drivers go straight to marshal at the numbered point that matches their racing number. Then you have time to work on your car (drink pop)When it’s time for the finals, drivers are assigned a new number and start from the grid.

There is a club shop, selling spares and parts (as well as refreshments) run by Alex Callan – a club racer and owner of Moss Models.

The club does have a bank of transponders for drivers to use but many bring their own PTs.