Racing Rules


  • Anyone who wishes to race must agree to help lay out the track before the meeting and help to put away the track after the meeting has finished. If you are in any doubt about whether this applies to you, please ask. We appreciate that sometimes it may not be possible to help, so we would ask you to have a word with us. Please don’t just vanish at the end of the meeting.
  • If at any time during the evening a shock leaks oil onto the track, tell race control immediately so that it can be cleaned up. This is not just a racing matter but one of housekeeping – the school do not want oil spreading on their gym floor.
  • No-one is allowed onto the track area (the track and its surroundings) unless they are racing or marshalling in that heat or final.

When racing:

• The general rule when racing is to respect other drivers and cars on the track.
• If you come up behind a car that you are about to lap shout, “Lapping,” or something similar as a signal for the other driver to give you room to get past. Do not simply drive up the back of them.
• If you are about to be lapped make room for the other driver to get past, do not block their path.
• If you accidentally cut a corner or miss part of the track, wait long enough so that you have no advantage over other drivers.
• No swearing on the rostrum or abuse of other drivers or marshalls.
• If your car comes to a stop on the straight, warn the other drivers and alert by marshalls by shouting something like, “Car on the straight!”
• If you crash and are waiting for a marshall, do not rev your motor.
• You must remain on the rostrum until the race is declared over – climbing down from the rostrum for any reason can be distracting for others.

When marshalling:

• Be at your marshall point before the start of the race or you may lose your fastest time.
• Safety comes first: do not try to rescue a crashed car unless it is safe for you to do so.
• Stay alert – no mobile phones / texting / chatting when marshalling.
• Put cars back on the track in a sensible manner, facing the right way and not in the path of others.
• If you spot a broken shock / oil leak (see first rule) remove the car from track and alert race control.
• If a car stops on the main straight alert drivers by shouting, “Car on straight!”
• If repairing a car (which is allowed) make sure you do not neglect other crashes.
• Do not obscure the view of drivers.