YORCC Spring Cup 2014

The Yorcc Spring Cup 2014 took place on Sunday March the 30th at the Club’s outdoor venue – the excellent Robin Hood Raceway near Blyth. This astro track is one of the best in the UK and has spawned RHR Dirt, a clay circuit that sits next door.

The Spring Cup is a combination of day-long outdoor Club meeting and standalone competition. It’s a great way to welcome in the (hopefully) warmer weather and the start of outdoor racing. It’s also a brilliant way for 1/10th off road racers to come together and enjoy some driving on this well designed and lovingly maintained outdoor track.


Talking of which, for 2014 RHR has not only been resurfaced with new Astro turf but has had a change in layout. Take, for example, the approach to the main straight. Whereas this has been a tight, right handed hairpin it’s now a long, sweeping banked curved that’s taken at much greater speed (hence the small number of cars launching themselves off the top of it).

DSC_0020 Red 4wd

The event was well supported – with 107 drivers registering by the start of play on Sunday morning.

Although many of these were racers who’d entered two classes (there were 2wd, 4wd and Trucks taking part) it still shows how popular the event is.


What was good to see was not only the number of non-members taking part (RHR always draws a crowd) but the pack of Saturday night Yorcc regulars who’d made the trip down the A1 – more than in previous years. Standing on the rostrum felt like a weekend club night at times, with familiar faces to the left and right.

The new surface threw up a challenge (in a good way). Most of those who race indoors at Huntington spend their time struggling with the lack of grip on the polished floor. At RHR the fresh Astro leaned to the other end of the scale, with grip roll being the order of the day, sometimes in the most unlikely of places (the infield more than the end of the main straight). And with a fair amount of sand being removed after initial practice, the amount of grip went up even more.


But that just meant drivers had to come up with ways to calm things down, with tyre choice being key and a fair amount of spike-trimming taking place. It also evened things out between 2wd and 4wd classes. If you want a full run down, head to the results page but the overall winners of their respective A Finals were Kevin Lee in 2wd buggy, Ben Jemison in 4wd buggy and Bob Childe in Truck.

But the results only tell half the story. The Easter Cup is more of an event than the results table alone can testify. It appeals to racers at all levels – from the serious pros in the “big top” who spent the entire day fettling and rebuilding their machines to those who were content to mix racing with firing up the camping stove for a bit of bacon and egg action.

The weather on the day was pretty faultless, although the sun didn’t quite manage to burn off the cloud that hung over the track. But the Spring Cup 2014 was certainly a good way to welcome in another season off outdoor off-road action. See you in 2015?